Oxford Owl


How do my students log in to Oxford Owl?

Here is the login process for students:

1. Student goes to www.oxfordowl.com.au

2. Student clicks For Students.

3. Student enters their student username or email and clicks next. (When you first upload your students, you are given the option of assigning a picture or email password to them. Whether a student uses a picture or email password will depend on which login type you have assigned to them when you first set up your products and classes.)

4a. If the student has a picture password, they enter the School ID and password, which you will have provided them.

4b. If the student has an email password, they enter the password.

5. Student clicks login. Their Student Hub page will appear, along with any products your school has subscribed to.

5. Student clicks on the relevant product tile to access the learning resource.

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